Apex Legends v1.14.2 2019.10.29.


The Apex Legends Gamepack contains everything you need to lead your team to victory and become the Champion!

  • By utilizing an individual button matching system instead of preset button layouts, this pack supports a broad range of in-game control schemes.

  • WEAPON PROFILES / AI for every supported weapon; apply the optimal Weapon Fire Mod and optimized Anti-Recoil to heavily reduce recoil on applicable weapons.

  • Subtly enhance your aim with ADS AIM ASSIST(+).


  • Optimized AUTO RUN and HOLSTER RUN will keep you moving swiftly.


  • Never forget to alert your teammates to your target with PING ON FIRE.

  • Make yourself a genuine nuisance to target with CROUCH AIM, HOP SHOT and STRAFE FIRE.


  • Maximize the slide mechanic and jump up and go with SLIDE & GO, SLIDE & FIRE and SLIDE & RELOAD.

Experience these mods and much more!

If you are looking for the Apex Legends Generator manual, click on the Generator tab above.


Select the Gamepack Slot:  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT / PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.

  • The GEAR HEAD EYES will be FLASHING back and forth.

    • Your device will ONLY display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


MOD TOGGLE is the quickest way to suspend ALL MODS except Paddle Mods.  This is helpful to keep mods designed for one gameplay function from interfering with another, for example, Rapid Fire interfering with the Knockdown Shield or Wattson's Perimeter Security, and you should suspend mods while accessing the in-game menu and your console's menu / store.

  • WHILE AIMING DOWN SIGHTS (default L2 / LT), PRESS in TOUCHPAD / VIEW to SUSPEND / RESUME All Mods except Paddle Mods ​(Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble).  If this is your Map Button, simply stop aiming down sights to access it.


MASTER QUICK CONTROL suspends the entire pack.

  • HOLD TOUCHPAD / VIEW & CROSS / A together for 1 second to SUSPEND / RESUME the entire pack (Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble).


WARNING:  VIBRATION ON REQUIRED in-game, as well as in your console's menu settings.

  • If vibration or rumble from games is undesired, load up Mod Central, click on the top left Remapper section, then ensure BOTH Disable Rumble and Mirror Advanced Settings are CHECKED, then SAVE.

The in-game "Menu Cursor Speed" setting MUST be set to the default, lowest value!


To configure this pack correctly so that mods are placed on the correct buttons and working optimally for your in-game sensitivity, MATCH the required settings in Mod Central, marked MATCH IN-GAME, to your current in-game settings.


Select the Legend that you are going to be using during gameplay as this ensures Legend-specific optimizations to improve the compatibility of mods such as Weapon Swap.  If someone picks your Legend and you are forced to pick another, use the LEGEND SELECTOR:

  • Before the match begins and as soon as you can move the cursor with the analog stick, WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP OPTIONS / MENU.

  • This will move you to the top corner and to Pathfinder.  You will feel a constant low rumble.  Choose your Legend when it is your turn and TAP CROSS / A to confirm your selection.  The low rumble will stop.  You are good to go!  WARNING:  DO NOT hover over any Legends that you do not own as this will desync the Legend Selector!


    • ​L2 / LT / R2 / RT Button Deadzones set to Default or None.​

    • Response Curve set to Classic and Look Deadzone set to Small.

    • The in-game "Menu Cursor Speed" setting MUST be set to the default, lowest value!

    • Custom Look Controls set to OFF.

    • Interact/Reload Button set to Tap to Reload.

    • ADS Sensitivity...  Set Per Optic ADS Sensitivity to ON and set all ADS Optic Sights to the same Look Sensitivity (ADS) value.  This will improve Anti-Recoil compatibility with different Optic Sights.  Example below:


The following Global Mods and purple settings can ONLY be setup in Mod Central:

  • Easy Grenade allows you to TAP EQUIP GRENADE to automatically select and throw a grenade.

  • Hair Triggers causes L2 / LT / R2 / RT to be treated by the game as if they have been fully pressed down the moment they are registered as being pressed.  This can save precious milliseconds of reaction time and it has NO effect on mods.


  • EMP Shield Drop allows you to drop your shields, preventing damage from Crypto's Ultimate.  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, PRESS R3 / RS to drop your shields.


Weapon Fire Activation provides you with more control over when Weapon Fire Mods such as Rapid Fire will be activated based on the pressure applied to the FIRE TRIGGER.

  • IMPORTANT:  Your Fire Button MUST be either L2 / LT / R2 / RT for this setting to take effect.

  • "Always Activated" means HOLD FIRE TRIGGER to activate Weapon Mods.

  • "Fully Hold Activation" means FULLY HOLD FIRE TRIGGER to activate Weapon Mods.

  • "Fully Hold Blocked" means FULLY HOLD FIRE TRIGGER to block Weapon Mods.


Profile Switch Mode determines how you will select Weapon Profiles.

  • "Manual" is simple to use but keep note of your profile setup as you will need to select the appropriate profile whenever you switch weapons.  See the Weapon Profiles / AI section for information on selecting profiles during gameplay.

  • "Weapon Swap" automatically switches between Profile 1 (Primary Weapon) and Profile 2 (Secondary Weapon) when you TAP TRIANGLE / Y.  This will desync, on the in-game menu or lobby, loading screens and especially on death and respawn beacon.  To RESYNC, switch to your Primary Weapon & select Profile 1 with DOWN D-PAD & TRIANGLE / Y.

  • INDICATORS:  PS4 will flash Lightbar colours that match the corresponding PROFILE BUTTONS when switching with "Manual" or "Weapon Swap".​  XB1 will flash WHITE for Profile 1 / GREEN for Profile 2 with "Weapon Swap".  "Weapon Swap (PS4 Solid Lightbar)" changes the Lightbar colour when the Profile switches to help you keep track of its current position; it will go WHITE when your weapon is holstered or a grenade is selected; it will go YELLOW when you activate your ability.


SET CLASS 3: ADS ANTI-RECOIL TO ENABLED.  Scroll down and set this in Mod Central.  Assuming you have been following everything correctly in the Gamepack Setup section, you will then need to return to configuring your Weapon Profiles to get started.

  • Triangle / Y  being Weapon Profile 1 (Default).

    • Profile 1 Selection:  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP TRIANGLE / Y.

    • Indicator:  1 Heavy Rumble (+ Green Lightbar flash on PS4).

    • Set this to the weapon you prefer to use as your Primary Weapon.

  • Circle / B being Weapon Profile 2.

    • Profile 2 Selection:  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP CIRCLE / B.

    • Indicator:  2 Heavy Rumbles (+ Red Lightbar flash on PS4).

    • Set this to the weapon you prefer to use as your Secondary Weapon.

  • Cross / A being Weapon Profile 3.

    • Profile 3 Selection:  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP CROSS / A.

    • Indicator:  3 Heavy Rumbles (+ Blue Lightbar flash on PS4).

  • Square / X being Weapon Profile 4.

    • Profile 4 Selection:  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP SQUARE / X.

    • Indicator:  1 Light Rumble (+ Purple Lightbar flash on PS4).

  • WEAPON AI allows you to reconfigure your Weapon Profiles on the fly.

    • Step 1:  Find a place to stand still that is well within the ring, on even terrain with NO interactive objects within range such as ammo pickups, crates, doors or ziplines, and NO incoming vibrations such as those from enemies or grenades.

    • Step 2:  Ensure you have a full ammo magazine with at least a reload remaining.  Do NOT activate your ability either...

    • Step 3:  Set your weapon to a supported in-game fire mode; all default fire modes are supported but some alternate fire modes are supported as listed under each Weapon Profile drop-down in Mod Central.


      • You will feel a Heavy Rumble and your weapon will do a detection sequence of firing, reloading and firing again.​​

      • During the detection sequence, immediately TAP the desired PROFILE BUTTON to set its corresponding Weapon Profile to your current weapon.

        • If "Weapon Swap" is Enabled and NOTHING is PRESSED during the detection sequence, it will automatically overwrite your currently activate Profile 1 or 2.​

      • Although it is rare, Weapon AI can miss and detect the wrong weapon.  If the weapon seems incorrectly handled then simply repeat Step 4.


When set to the default setting of Profile Fire (Recommended), Weapon Profiles / AI will determine whether your weapon should be Regular Fire or Rapid Fire based on the weapon that you have set for each Weapon Profile to maintain the best fire rate and with ADS Anti-Recoil Enabled your recoil will be addressed.  We RECOMMEND that INSTEAD.

When Rapid Fire (Forced - Disables Profiles) is ON, this mod forces Rapid Fire but disables ALL Weapon Profiles / AI / Anti-Recoil.  It is ONLY intended for if you pick up a random semi-automatic weapon and lack the time to use Weapon AI to add it to a Weapon Profile.

  • HOLD FIRE to fire your semi-automatic weapon at maximum speed.

  • Change your weapon's in-game fire mode to single shot or burst for use with Rapid Fire.

    • Rapid Fire ON / OFF:  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP R2 / RT.
    • Indicator:  ON = 1 Heavy Rumble /  OFF = Light Rumble.

When Dynamic Fire (Optional) is ON, WHILE AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, the higher the PRESSURE on the FIRE TRIGGER, the faster your weapon rapidly fires.







  • Dynamic Fire is compatible with and works best with Weapon Profiles.

  • Your FIRE MUST be either L2 / LT / R2 / RT.

  • If Enabled, Anti-Recoil ONLY applies while the FIRE TRIGGER is FULLY HELD down.

    • Dynamic Fire ON / OFF:  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP R1 / RB.

    • Indicator:  ON = 2 Heavy Rumbles /  OFF = Light Rumble.


When Aim Assist is ON, whenever you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, this mod will actively encourage the in-game aim assist mechanic to subtly enhance your aim.

  • Ensure that ALL in-game sensitivities are set lower than 8 and stick to 1-2x scopes or the game will shut off its supporting mechanic and the mod will have no effect.

  • “Aim Assist Strength” affects how strongly the mod shakes your camera in achieving its goal.  For best performance, it should be slightly shaking it in a barely noticeable fashion; the setting defaults to 13 but you can adjust it if you need to.

  • Apex Legends' in-game aim assist mechanic may give the impression that the mod is NOT working.  Before you consider contacting us, try matchmaking simultaneously to get a friend on the enemy team strafing left and right across your crosshairs to check it is working:

  • For Aim Assist to be effective, you MUST 100% follow all settings in Gamepack Setup.​

  • Manage your expectations, especially if you are coming from Fortnite.

  • If you have a high ping where you are having to lead shots then you may be out of luck.


When Aim Assist+ is ON, whenever you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, it will function the same as Aim Assist but it will also repeatedly hold and release aim down sights.  This may improve the effectiveness of Aim Assist for some playstyles.

  • The same points otherwise apply as Aim Assist.


IMPORTANT:  If ADS Anti-Recoil is ON, Aim Assist(+) will stop while you are FIRING down the sights so that Anti-Recoil can effectively control your recoil.  This Anti-Recoil will still encourage the in-game aim assist so there is no need to worry.


When ADS Anti-Recoil is ON, whenever you are AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, Weapon Profiles / AI will be able to control the pattern of your recoil to heavily reduce it in all directions.  See the Weapon Profiles / AI section if you have yet to read it.

  • Anti-Recoil is heavily optimized for the base weapon.  If a weapon attachment is throwing off the result too much for your liking, it is best to discard the attachment.  See Gamepack Setup to improve compatibility with different Optic Sights.

  • Anti-Recoil cannot do anything about in-game randomized bullet spread.

  • For Anti-Recoil to be effective, you MUST 100% follow all settings in Gamepack Setup.

  • ADS Anti-Recoil Quick Control:  WHILE HOLDING DOWN D-PAD, TAP L2 / LT.

    • Indicator:  SUSPENDED = Heavy Rumble /  RESUMED = Light Rumble.


Quick Scope is intended for use with sniper rifle type weapons, ideally with a scope attached, or other high impact damage weapons, such as shotguns.

When Quick Scope on Tap is ON, QUICKLY TAP & RELEASE AIM DOWN SIGHTS to quickly scope in and fire a shot.  HOLD AIM DOWN SIGHTS to simply scope in.

When Quick Scope on Release is ON, you will always fire a shot when you RELEASE AIM DOWN SIGHTS allowing you to time your own Quick Scope.

Sniper Focus is intended for use with sniper rifle type weapons with a long range sniper scope attached.  NOTE:  This mod will cause other weapons to repeatedly aim down sights.

When Sniper Focus is ON, whenever you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, this mod will do its best to counteract the sniper scope sway.


When Auto Run is ON, it activates the Sprint / Run Button when the MOVEMENT ANALOG STICK is FULLY moved FORWARD to the EDGE.  This allows for walking or jogging to avoid giving away your position.

When Holster Run is ON, it behaves just like Auto Run but you can PRESS SPRINT to holster your weapon to run faster.  You will be able to re-select your weapon by AIMING DOWN SIGHTS / FIRING.


IMPORTANT:  By design you will sometimes need to reset Auto Run or Holster Run, especially when you are leaving the in-game menu or lobby.  To reset it, PRESS SPRINT.


When Ping on Fire is ON, whenever you FIRE, you will ping to alert your teammates.

When Crouch Aim is ON, whenever you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, you will crouch.  As you RELEASE AIM DOWN SIGHTS, you will stand.

When Hop Shot is ON, while you are NOT aiming down sights, whenever you are FULLY HOLDING FIRE, you will repeatedly jump at a sensible pace.

When Strafe Fire is ON, whenever you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS & FULLY HOLDING FIRING TOGETHER, you will quickly strafe side to side.  Recommended in use with Class 2 - ADS Aim Assist.

  • Circle Strafe Fire is activated in the same way as Strafe Fire, but you will automatically strafe in a circle instead of side to side.

When Crouch Fire is ON, whenever you are FULLY HOLDING FIRE, you will crouch.  As you RELEASE FIRE, you will stand.

When ADS Crouch Fire is ON, whenever you are AIMING DOWN SIGHTS & FULLY HOLDING FIRE TOGETHER, you will crouch.  As you RELEASE FIRE, you will stand.

When Rapid Crouch Fire is ON, whenever you are FULLY HOLDING FIRE, you will rapidly crouch.

When ADS Rapid Crouch Fire is ON, whenever you are AIMING DOWN SIGHTS & FULLY HOLDING FIRE TOGETHER, you will rapidly crouch.


When Class 7 is ON, LEFT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

When Class 8 is ON, RIGHT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

Help Videos:  Slide & Go , Easy Activators


All adjustable mods can be adjusted in Mod Central.  This section provides context and additional information on adjusting them on your controller using the Menu Mode.

  • To enter Menu Mode, HOLD LEFT D-PAD for at least 5 seconds.  You MUST remain HOLDING LEFT D-PAD to stay in Menu Mode.

Class Structure:

  • Class 1 = Weapon Fire.

  • Class 2 = ADS Aim Assist & Aim Assist Strength Adjustment.

  • Class 3 = ADS Anti-Recoil.

  • Class 4 = Sniper Mode.

  • Class 5 = Agility Mode.

  • Class 6 = Shot Mode.

  • Class 7 = Left Paddle.

  • Class 8 = Right Paddle.

Menu Mode Navigation:

  • SQUARE / X goes UP a class.

  • CROSS / A goes DOWN a class.

  • TAPPING a PADDLE goes to the class for that PADDLE.

    • GREEN Lightbar / WHITE LED flashes indicate the currently selected class number.

  • TRIANGLE / Y goes UP a mod within the currently selected class.

  • CIRCLE / B goes DOWN a mod within the currently selected class.

  • This will change your currently enabled mod!

    • PURPLE Lightbar / GREEN LED flashes indicate the currently enabled mod number.

Question:  "Where are my adjustables?"  Answer:  You can adjust Aim Assist if you want.  The Apex Legends Gamepack follows a trend we started with the Fortnite Optimized Gamepack.  We are running mods such as Rapid Fire at the fastest speed the game can handle.  Offering you moment to moment control of your firing speed with Dynamic Fire.  Quick Scope that fires when it is supposed to.  Anti-Recoil that has been optimized for 100's of hours per weapon, per sensitivity.  We do the work our end so that you can focus on the play.

Aim Assist / Aim Assist+.

  • Navigate to Class 2 on Mod 1 or 2 to adjust the Aim Assist Strength.

  • L1 / LB will decrease Aim Assist Strength value and camera shake.

  • R1 / RB will increase Aim Assist Strength value and camera shake.

  • L2 / LT can be held to test the result.  It is helpful to have a friend on the enemy team strafing left and right across your crosshairs.

  • You can count the number of RED Lightbar flashes on PS4 or RT rumbles on XB1 to determine whether you are 1-35 (0 is OFF).  We recommend starting at 13.

  • WARNING:  There will be a point where you will see no additional benefit from a higher value and it may cause your aim to start drifting due to in-game weapon inaccuracies and sway.

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