Call of Duty MW (2019) Optimized v1.0.3 2019.12.04.


The Call of Duty MW (2019) Optimized Gamepack for Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) is our optimized care package launched for the holidays and delivered to our COD fans.

  • Introducing WEAPON PROFILES + and WEAPON AI+ for the first time, evolved and newly adjustable.

  • We will continue to add weapons to this pack each day!

  • Setup your Primary and Secondary Weapon Profiles in MOD Central or with Weapon AI+.  Switch between them at will, either manually or automatically with Weapon Swap.

  • For the first time, ADS ANTI-RECOIL - QUICK EDIT adjusts the optimized result to bring it closer in line with attachments and other settings (subject to user experimentation).

  • ADS Aim Assist(+), Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Rapid Fire, Spring Loaded Sidearm, Strafe Fire and much more!


Select the Gamepack Slot:  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT / PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.

  • The GEAR HEAD EYES will be FLASHING back and forth.

    • Your device will ONLY display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


MASTER QUICK CONTROL suspends the entire pack.

  • HOLD TOUCHPAD / VIEW & CROSS / A together for 1 second to SUSPEND / RESUME the entire pack (Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble).


WARNING:  VIBRATION ON REQUIRED in-game, as well as in your console's menu settings.

  • If vibration or rumble from games is undesired, load up Mod Central, click on the top left Remapper section, then ensure BOTH Disable Rumble and Mirror Advanced Settings are CHECKED, then SAVE.


To configure this pack correctly so that mods are placed on the correct buttons and working optimally for your in-game sensitivity, MATCH the required settings in Mod Central, marked MATCH IN-GAME, to your current in-game settings.

Make sure you are using whichever your prefered in-game Aim Assist setting is so that the Aim Assist Mod can function correctly; depending on your playstyle it may work better with precision if you have a really good aim or focused if you have an average aim.


The following Global Mods, Auto Run and purple settings can ONLY be setup in Mod Central:


  • WARNING:  Turbo Melee will interfere if you are required to hold the corresponding button.  Suspend via the Master Controls or use Paddle Mod alternatives.

  • Hair Triggers causes L2 / LT / R2 / RT to be treated by the game as if they have been fully pressed down the moment they are registered as being pressed.  This can save precious milliseconds of reaction time and it has NO effect on mods.

  • Turbo Melee allows you to HOLD MELEE to repeatedly melee as quickly as possible.  You can still TAP MELEE normally.


The following MODS are ON by default but they can be disabled in MOD Central.


Auto Run activates the Sprint / Run Button while the MOVEMENT ANALOG STICK is FULLY moved FORWARD to the EDGE.  This allows for walking or jogging to avoid giving away your position.  Auto Run will suspend every time you crouch.  PRESS SPRINT again to reset it.

Fast Reload as the name suggests will allow your weapons to reload faster.  WEAPON PROFILES+ / AI+ will manage the correct timing for your weapon.


Any time you reload you can fire to cancel your reload, allowing you to get right back into the fight.

Weapon Profile Features Suspend / Resume:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, HOLD R3 / RS until you feel a rumble to SUSPEND / RESUME WEAPON PROFILE FEATURES (Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble)



Profile Switch Mode determines how you will select Weapon Profiles.

  • "Manual" is simple to use but keep note of your profile setup as you will need to select the appropriate profile whenever you switch weapons.  See the Weapon Profiles / AI+ section for information on selecting profiles during gameplay.

  • "Weapon Swap" automatically switches between Profile 1 (Primary Weapon) and Profile 2 (Secondary Weapon) when you TAP TRIANGLE / Y.  This will desync, on the in-game menu or lobby, loading screens and especially on death and restart.  To RESYNC, switch to your Primary Weapon & select Profile 1; WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, HOLD TRIANGLE / Y until you feel a heavy rumble.

  • INDICATORS:  PS4 will flash Lightbar colours that match the corresponding PROFILE BUTTONS when switching with "Manual" or "Weapon Swap".​  XB1 will flash WHITE for Profile 1 / GREEN for Profile 2 with "Weapon Swap".  "Weapon Swap (PS4 Solid Lightbar)" changes the Lightbar colour when the Profile switches to help you keep track of its current position.


Setup your PRIMARY and SECONDARY PROFILES for your Primary and Secondary Weapons.  If available, select the name of your preferred Primary and Secondary Weapons to optimize them.  You can change them later using the "WEAPON AI+" MOD.

  • TRIANGLE / Y grouping being the Primary Profile 1 (Default).

    • Profile 1 Selection:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, HOLD TRIANGLE / Y until you  feel a rumble.

    • Indicator:  1 Heavy Rumble (+ Green Lightbar flash on PS4).

  • CIRCLE / B grouping being the Secondary Profile 2.

    • Profile 2 Selection:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, HOLD CIRCLE / B until you feel a rumble.

    • Indicator:  2 Heavy Rumbles (+ Red Lightbar flash on PS4).

  • SQUARE / X being Disable Profile (NOT visible from Mod Central).

    • Disable Profile:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, HOLD SQUARE / X until you feel a rumble.

    • Indicator:  1 Light Rumble (+ Purple Lightbar flash on PS4).

  • Class 1 & 4 represent your Primary and Secondary Weapons.  Please see the Weapon section for more information.​

  • Class 2 & 5 represent the ADS MODS for your Primary and Secondary Weapons.  Please see the ADS MOD section for more information on individual ADS MODS.

  • Class 3 & 6 represent the FIRE MODS for your Primary and Secondary Weapons.  Please see the FIRE MOD section for more information on individual FIRE MODS.​

WEAPON AI+ allows you to change your PRIMARY / SECONDARY WEAPON on-the-fly:

  • STEP 1:  Remove your suppressor if you have one; it interferes with the detection!  Switch to the WEAPON and PROFILE that you wish to change.

  • STEP 2:  It is REQUIRED that you are clear and away from any in-game vibration causing action such as enemies, grenades, etc, as well as on even terrain and away from any interactive objects such as weapon pickups.

  • STEP 3:  You MUST also have a full ammo magazine and at least a reload remaining to detect your current weapon.  Additionally, your ability MUST NOT be activated.

  • STEP 4:  WHILE HOLDING TOUCHPAD / VIEW, HOLD R2 / RT until you feel a heavy rumble.  Your weapon will do a detection sequence of firing, reloading and firing again.  This will AUTOMATICALLY SAVE to your currently selected WEAPON PROFILE.

  • (OPTIONALLY, you can IMMEDIATELY TAP the desired WEAPON PROFILE+ button before the sequence ends to set that profile to your current weapon instead).

  • Although it is rare, WEAPON AI+ can miss and detect the wrong weapon.  If the weapon seems incorrectly handled or something interrupted the detection sequence, simply repeat STEP 4.

QUICK EDIT allows you to adjust the optimized ADS Anti-Recoil during gameplay.


  • All optimizations are designed around the base weapon recoil.  Besides the suppressor which will interfere with the detection, feel free to experiment with different attachments with the understanding that they will slightly or significantly reduce the accuracy of the ADS Anti-Recoil optimization.

  • That is where the optional Quick Edit comes in to mitigate this.




  • If the recoil pattern is pulling UP too much on average, TAP DOWN D-PAD to increase the strength.  You can stop firing if you need to save ammo.

  • If the recoil pattern is pulling DOWN too much on average, TAP UP D-PAD to decrease the strength.

  • Keep adjusting until the pattern is as tight as possible.
  • WARNING:  Examples of UNSUPPORTED attachments that significantly alter the optimization result include magazine attachments that change the caliber or number of bullets and attachments that affect fire rate or overly alter the recoil pattern.
  • Analog stick drift can also cause issues which is especially apparent with the Linear Response Curve.
  • To quickly reset the optimized ADS Anti-Recoil setting to 100%, WHILE AIMING DOWN SIGHTS & HOLDING , TAP R3 / RS.


Setup your PRIMARY and SECONDARY WEAPONS in MOD Central.


If available, select the name of your preferred Primary and Secondary Weapons to optimize them.  You can change them later using WEAPON AI+.


If your weapon is UNLISTED, choose Regular Fire or Rapid Fire.


When Rapid Fire is ON, HOLD FIRE to fire your semi-automatic weapon at maximum speed.

  • We recommend the Lightweight Trigger attachment for your pistol with Rapid Fire.

  • Change your weapon's in-game fire mode to single shot or burst for use with Rapid Fire.

  • You may notice a loss of maximum fire rate with fully automatic weapons.


Set the ADS MOD for your Primary & Secondary Weapons.

When Aim Assist is ON, whenever you are AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, this MOD will maximize the in-game assist mechanics to assist in loosely tracking targets.

When Crouch Aim is ON, whenever you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, you will crouch.  As you RELEASE AIM DOWN SIGHTS, you will stand.

When Rapid Crouch Aim is ON, whenever you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS, you will rapidly crouch.

When Quick Scope on Release is ON, You will automatically fire a shot upon AIM DOWN SIGHTS RELEASE, allowing you to time your Quick Scope kill with your sniper rifle or high impact damage weapon such as your shotgun.

Primary & Secondary Aim Assist Mode can be selected in Mod Central.

Aim Assist is the standard setting.  It does NOT interfere with scopes and works best for most players.

Aim Assist+ also aims in and out.  It will interfere with scopes but may track slightly better for some playstyles.

Corner Peek is for snapping to targets coming around corners.   It aims in and out while you are LESS THAN fully aiming down sights but it stops when you are FULLY AIMING DOWN SIGHTS or FIRING.


Set the FIRE MOD for your Primary & Secondary Weapons.


When Drop Shot is ON, HOLD FIRE to drop and rapidly fire.

When Rapid Crouch Fire is ON, whenever you are FULLY HOLDING FIRE, you will rapidly crouch.

When Hop Shot is ON, whenever you are FULLY HOLDING FIRE, you will repeatedly jump.

When Strafe Fire is ON, whenever you are FULLY HOLDING FIRE, you will quickly strafe side to side.


When Circle Strafe Fire is ON, whenever you are FULLY HOLDING FIRE, you will quickly strafe in a circular motion.


When Class 7 is ON, LEFT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

When Class 8 is ON, RIGHT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

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