Dead by Daylight v1.1.1 2019.05.22.


The Dead by Daylight fun size pack contains the essential mods that you need to have a fighting chance to survive against the killer.


Select the appropriate GAMEPACK MODE SLOT.  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT/PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.  You will know that you are in GAMEPACK MODE as identified by the GEAR HEAD EYES FLASHING back and forth.  Your device will display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


Interact with objects in a way that avoids skill checks that could otherwise reveal your location to the killer.  While STANDING STILL, CLICK in the RIGHT STICK Button to toggle it ON/OFF; toggling, crouching, or moving will toggle OFF the Auto Interact mod.


Juke sways from side to side while you are moving in any direction.  While MOVING, CLICK in the LEFT STICK Button to toggle Juke ON/OFF; toggling, crouching, or stopping movement will toggle OFF the Juke mod.

360 Spin spins in a circle until you move again to create confusion as to which direction you are going to go.  While STANDING STILL, CLICK in the LEFT STICK Button to toggle 360 Spin ON/OFF; toggling, crouching, or moving will toggle OFF the 360 Spin mod.


TAP the LEFT TRIGGER to toggle between CROUCHING or STANDING; sprinting or using the Juke mod will cause you to stand up, while crouching will toggle OFF the Juke mod.


HOLD the LEFT PADDLE to TURBO STRUGGLE as fast as possible to try and stay alive; say you end up on a meat hook.

HOLD the RIGHT PADDLE to TURBO WIGGLE as fast as possible to try and escape; say you end up in the killer's grasp.


MASTER QUICK CONTROL will SUSPEND/RESUME MODS for situations where you might need NO MODS in a hurry, so that mods can never interfere when you do not want them to.


  • HOLD the TOUCHPAD/VIEW & CROSS/A Buttons together for 1 second to toggle.

    • SUSPEND:  HEAVY rumble / RESUME:  LIGHT rumble

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