God of War v1.0.2 2019.06.04.


The God of War GamePack is designed to support default, evade, and combat layouts, with unique mods that will streamline your journey, maintain your immersion and overcome your foes.   AXE MODE simplifies recalling your axe and FLICK STICK evades or runic attacks with ease.  AUTO RUN and AUTO INTERACT are both easy to toggle and make traversal of the incredible game world that much more enjoyable and immersive.  Paddle mods support plentiful easy combos and actions, providing a more visceral way to play!

ATTACK MODE (Class Shortcuts) can be toggled ON/OFF and switched between at will, to easily perform Pride of the Frost or otherwise tricky combos, and combined with WEAPON SWAP, ensures that the correct easy combo mods are available in the later stages of gameplay.

Quick Mods such as AUTO ATREUS, AUTO INTERACT and TURBO EVADE are small yet game changing mods.  The Quick Mod toggle system allows you to take advantage of these mods at will for combat or traversal, but provides a fast, simple suspend system so that interactive elements of the game never become frustrating.


NOTE:  At first, you will lack some of the in game skills/combos that the available mods in this GamePack take advantage of.  If a mod does not appear to function as intended, make sure you have unlocked the corresponding skill/combo in the Skills Menu or in the case of Weapons Menu runics, acquired and equipped some.

This GamePack automatically avoids mods interfering with the Pause Menu.  Press OPTIONS Button to PAUSE and it will SUSPEND ALL MODS (RED LIGHTBAR FLASH + HEAVY RUMBLE).  After exiting the Pause Menu, Quickly Double Tap CROSS Button to RESUME ALL MODS (GREEN LIGHTBAR FLASH + LIGHT RUMBLE).

If you are changing the in game Interact/Evade or Combat settings, please refer to Class 9 – Interact/Evade Mode and Class 10 – Combat Mode before attempting to use any mods.  Accessibility control changes are NOT supported and MUST be kept on DEFAULT settings.


Select the appropriate GAMEPACK MODE SLOT.  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT/PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.  You will know that you are in GAMEPACK MODE as identified by the GEAR HEAD EYES FLASHING back and forth.  Your device will display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


When Axe Mode is ON, you will be able to conveniently throw and recall your axe without ever taking your thumb off the stick.

NOTE:  For Auto Axe, Freezing Burst skill MUST be unlocked in order to charge your axe, otherwise upon Holding Aim Button (default LEFT TRIGGER), your axe will simply be instantly thrown.

During the first half of the game, your only weapon will be your axe...  Once your blades weapon is unlocked, turn ON Class 8 Weapon Swap to automatically SUSPEND Axe Mode while switched to your blades.


When Attack Mode is ON, Quickly Double Tap Light Attack Button (default RIGHT BUMPER) to easily begin performing the currently selected combo.  Perform light attack, heavy attack, block or aim if you need to cancel mid combo.


NOTE:  Attack Mode REQUIRES in game Gameplay > Controller Vibration setting to be set to 10.  If you do NOT want rumble with this mod, INSTEAD use Mod Central's top left tile, “Configure Remapping Settings and/or Paddles" to "Disable Rumble" and "Mirror Advanced Settings".  This way rumble will be universally disabled in all games.

During the first half of the game, your only weapon will be your axe...  so Attack Mode will always be Easy Pride of the Frost regardless.  Unlike other Class Mods, Attack Mode uses the all new Class Shortcuts system.  You can turn it ON/OFF quickly, without entering Menu Mode.

Once you have unlocked your blades, with Class 8 Weapon Swap also set to ON, you can take advantage of on the fly switching between easy combos, also without having to enter Menu Mode.  Your blades weapon is automatically selected when you change Class Shortcuts.


When Evade is ON, Flick LEFT STICK Left or Right to evade in either direction.


When Runic Attack is ON, Flick LEFT STICK Left to perform light runic attack or Flick LEFT STICK Right to perform heavy runic attack.  


NOTE:  Runic Attack REQUIRES equipped light/heavy runic attacks in the Weapons Menu, found throughout the world or purchased at Dwarven Shops.


When Vertical Flick is ON, Flick LEFT STICK Forwards to perform Whirling Storm/Spinning Chaos Strike or Flick LEFT STICK Backwards to perform Evasive Storm/Retreating Slash.


NOTE:  You MUST unlock either or both corresponding skills in game.


When Auto Run is ON, you will automatically run upon forward movement.


When Class 6 is ON, LEFT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

When Class 7 is ON, RIGHT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.


You will NOT need this mod UNTIL your blades weapon is unlocked, later in the game.

When Weapon Swap is ON, it will automatically keep track of which weapon you last switched to, in order to determine whether you are using Whirlwind or Chaotic combos.  Axe Mode (GREEN LIGHTBAR FLASH).  Blades Mode (RED LIGHTBAR FLASH).  NOTE:  In the event that Weapon Swap becomes desynced, Press TRIANGLE Button to reselect your axe and RESYNC (GREEN LIGHTBAR FLASH).

NOTE:  Weapon Swap will automatically SUSPEND Class 1 Axe Mode while switched to your blades and it will load the appropriate easy Chaotic combos in conjunction with Class 2 Attack Mode, etc.


IF you are changing the in game Interact/Evade setting, you MUST match the setting.


IF you are changing the in game Combat setting, you MUST match the setting.


Quick Mods are additional helpful mods that do not belong to a Class.  You will NOT find these mods in Mod Central as they are NOT saved and only persist as ON as long as the StrikePack is plugged in or selected on this GamePack.  You can turn ON/OFF each Quick Mod via its Quick Mod controller button command.


When Auto Atreus is ON, perform light attacks and Atreus will automatically begin firing arrows.


When Auto Interact is ON, you will automatically interact with elements of the world, such as climbing and picking up items.


NOTE:  Occasionally, you MUST toggle OFF Auto Interact for picking up and throwing objects, accessing Dwarven Shops, or when dealing with certain contraptions to solve puzzles.


When Turbo Evade is ON, Hold Evade Button (default CROSS Button) while moving around to repeatedly evade as fast as possible.


MASTER QUICK CONTROL will SUSPEND/RESUME MODS for situations where you might need NO MODS in a hurry, so that mods can never interfere when you do not want them to.

  • HOLD the TOUCHPAD Button & TAP the CROSS Button at the same time to toggle.

    • SUSPEND:  HEAVY rumble / RESUME:  LIGHT rumble

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