The NBA 2K18 GamePack is a sports pack, amongst the first of its kind, that gives you the edge you need to score three’s at will, record and launch that PERFECT SHOT every time and generate the much needed in game currency and XP to max out your online persona.  The PAYBACK SYSTEM you deserve!

NOTE:  Subsequent game updates may result in decreased or otherwise altered functionality of the XP Trainer and the Payback System or even removal of features.

WARNING:  The use of in-game generators such as the XP Trainer and Payback System may be a violation of a given publishers terms of use agreement.  PLEASE USE THEM RESPONSIBLY.  The use of such generators is at the sole risk of the subscriber.  While these bans are rare, Mod Pass accepts no responsibility for account bans, suspensions or deactivations associated with such violations.


Select the appropriate GAMEPACK MODE SLOT.  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT/PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.  You will know that you are in GAMEPACK MODE as identified by the GEAR HEAD EYES FLASHING back and forth.  Your device will display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


Launches the Perfect Shot every time.  Optimized for Stephen Curry by default, you can record and adjust the release time for Perfect Shot to suit your chosen player.

NOTE:  Perfect Shot release time can be recorded and adjusted for the correct timing for every player, however, NBA 2K18 has multiple variables, such as the degree of which a competing player obstructs your shot, that the game will factor into making the basket.  This is NOT a timing issue with Perfect Shot and is less noticeable on lower difficulty settings.  For the best chance of success, perform the Perfect Shot while out in the open.


Generates Virtual Currency for you while away from your console.  The PAYBACK you deserve!  This VC generator will run indefinitely until you turn it OFF or there is no longer an internet or server connection.


NOTE:  The VC generator will keep running as stated above, however, if there is a game update, the VC generator will not generate any in game currency until you reset to the game launch screen.  This is a function of NBA 2K18 and NOT the VC generator.


You MUST have the in game Controller Settings > Vibration set to On, and the Blacktop Camera Setting set to 2K, as any other camera setting will have a decreased chance of winning the match.


Generates XP while away from your console.  Can be used with Medicine Ball or Ropes but you MUST match the appropriate mode.


Generates XP for 4 hours, then generates VC while away from your console.  Can be used with Medicine Ball or Ropes, but you MUST match the appropriate mode.

Payback System REQUIRES in game Controller Settings > Vibration setting to be set to On (you will not actually experience rumble while Payback System is active).  If you normally NEVER use rumble, for convenience, use Mod Central's top left tile, “Configure Remapping Settings and/or Paddles" to "Disable Rumble" and "Mirror Advanced Settings".  This way rumble will be universally disabled in all games WITHOUT affecting mods like this one.


This Quick Control will Suspend/Resume All Mods for situations where you might need NO MODS in a hurry.

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