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Welcome to Mod Pass!

Thank you to each and every gamer that supported us these past few years and enjoyed our Strike Pack devices. They were a labor of love and we are so glad our customers are as passionate about using their Strike Packs as we were in designing them. Over the past year the team at Collective Minds has been working tirelessly towards providing its Strike Pack customers with the most powerful mod delivery system possible.

We are proud to finally announce that Mod Pass is here.

We originally launched the Strike Pack product line with the primary focus of bringing back the fun to first person shooters and especially the Call of Duty series. FPS games have become so competitive that simply playing your favorite games recreationally just wasn’t fun anymore. We wanted to level that playing field, so to speak, and since we launched the Strike Pack family of products one thing has become clear. Our customers want mods!

We knew we needed to bring mods for all the best games to the Strike Pack family, not just for shooters, but for sports and action games, and everything in between. We needed to develop game packs that are powerful and constantly updated alongside the actual game updates. The challenge was how do we do it and make it affordable. It would require constant testing, and refinement would be needed. We wanted our customers to have access to the best mods we can deliver. In the end we had to re-write the Strike Pack from the ground up to allow it to provide access to an ever-expanding mod library. To deliver that library, we developed Mod Pass - an affordable subscription service that takes the Strike Pack family far beyond what we ever imagined possible, and delivers what our Strike Pack customers have been demanding – More Mods!

Again, thank you to all our faithful customers and we hope you enjoy Mod Pass.

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