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Mod Central Feature Update #9

Firmware Update 2.02

  • On the fly remapping has being removed from Tournament Mode. You can no longer accidentally remap. Use Mod Central to manage any existing or new remaps.

  • Online Manual button added to the top of every ModPack and GamePack configuration.

  • Fixed bug with selecting Battlefield and Fortnite game layouts in FPS 2.0.

MOD CENTRAL Update 1.0.3

  • Mod Central 1.0.3 - general bug fixes and server side optimizations.

  • If FPS 2.0 is in the FPS slot and you connect with no internet connection, Mod Central will load the gears config for FPS 2.0 instead.

  • You can no longer leave GamePack slot 1 empty and then load something in slot 2 and onwards.

  • Fixed rare instances of reset to default not working on some mods.

  • Fixed bug of mismatching Mod Central import/export extensions.

  • Improvements to the consistency of text and presentation.

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