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Mod Central Feature Update #38

Happy Holidays Mod Pass Subscribers! We have made some updates to the following packs:

Fortnite - v1.13.0

  • The Quick 90 Build Paddle Mod allows you to quickly make 90 degree turns during build fights! Get the edge in build fights!

  • The Block Shot Paddle Mod lets you shoot your weapon, and immediately after releasing throws down a quick build to block your opponent from retaliating.

  • Dual Fire AI now blocks your ADS while using the revolver to improve fire rate and damage output.

Battlefield V - v1.0.1

  • Custom Mapping Helper assists you when using one of the supported custom mapping options in Mod Central. Please read the online manual for more information.

Forza Horizon 4 - v1.0.1

  • Fixed the Ultimate Generator to account for the Fortune Island DLC expansion.

Please re-flash your game packs/mod pack to access these new changes and read the online manuals at for more information. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future game pack updates.

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