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Hey Mod Pass Subscribers. We’ve got 2 new Game Packs for you!! With the exciting update to Sea of Thieves and the release of World War Z we wanted to give you great mods to enjoy these games to their fullest.

The following Game Packs have been updated to account for Quick Control interferences when binding certain buttons to the Paddles:

  • Apex Legends (v1.7.0)

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (v2.4.1)

  • Call of Duty: Blackout (v1.2.2)

  • Destiny 2 (v1.1.1)

  • Fortnite Optimized (v1.5.2)

Here is a list of all Game Packs updates:

Apex Legends - v1.7.0

  • New Weapon Profiles have been added:

  • Prowler

  • RE-45


Sea of Thieves - v1.0.0

  • Weapon Fire modes including Rapid Attack and Rapid Fire Cannon allow you to fire as fast as possible with your melee weapon and cannon, respectively.

  • Agility Mode makes you sprint whenever you can to let you move at full speed with ease.

  • The Auto Fishing mod let you catch many fish by simply activating it near fishable water! The Fishing Generator will fill up your Sloop’s Food Barrel with fish, without using any bait!

  • There are also many useful Paddle Mods including Easy Lunge, for dashing into water; Easy Bucket and Easy Repair, for keeping your ship in shape, and many more.


World War Z - v1.0.0

  • Weapon Fire and customizable Anti-Recoil profiles give you access to optimize up to 4 weapons.

  • Aim Abuse and Custom Aim Abuse will assist your aiming to better snap onto your enemies.

  • Shot Punch will fire your weapon then immediately melee to deal huge damage in a quick burst. This works very well running up with a shotgun.

  • Crouch Aim can be very useful to make you a harder target to hit. If you crouch behind cover and then use crouch aim you will be able to play similar to The Division and prevent a lot of incoming damage.


Destiny 2 - v1.1.1

  • Due to conflicts with meleeing, the Titan Charge Quick Mod has been removed, but it is still available as a Paddle Mod.

Please re-flash your game packs/mod pack to access these new changes and read the online manuals at for more information. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future game pack updates.

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