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Hey MOD Pass subscribers! Today we have some updates for COD MW 22 GAMEPACK for this year’s COD.

And new Generator GAMEPACKS for this year’s Basketball 23 games for XB1 and XB Series consoles.

Please refer to the instructions at

The following includes a list of all Game Pack updates:

COD MW 22 - v1.1.0

  • Added BAS-P SMG support.

  • Added M13B Assault Rifle support.

  • Updated Dive Sprint [DS], and Dive Jump [DJ] Global MODs.

  • Updated Dive Sprint, Dive Jump, and Slide YY Paddle Button MODs.

  • You only have to hold the Crouch button until you dive now. And Slide YY now gets up.

  • Removed Instant Drop as it is no longer effective.

Basketball 23 XB1 Generator - v1.0.0

  • New Generator GAMEPACK.

Basketball 23 XB Series Generator - v1.0.0

  • New Generator GAMEPACK.

Please re-flash your GAMEPACKS and read the online manuals at for more information. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future game pack updates.



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