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Hey there ModPass Subscribers.

The following includes a list of all Game Pack updates:

Call of Duty Warzone - v0.1.0

  • The new Call of Duty Warzone Gamepack (beta) is a revision of the Call of Duty MW (2019) Optimized Gamepack. All features from MW Optimized Gamepack, and more, are included in this Gamepack.

  • ADS Ping on Fire will help you keep track of your enemies, and notify your teammates on potential threats (They won’t be for long).

  • There are also other variations of this mod, including: Ping on ADS and Ping on Fire.

  • Anti-Recoil adjusting has been optimized.


Fortnite Pro - v1.0.1

  • Shot Modes will be prevented when it detects that you are using a pickaxe. Please ensure that you are using Improved Build Tracking.

  • Rapid Crouch Fire now checks for the best way to fire your weapon (Dual Fire, Rapid Fire or Regular Fire).

  • Dual Fire Paddle Mod no longer looks for ‘Dual Fire Mode’ for Holding ADS.

  • The Dual Fire and Smart Fire Paddle mods have been fixed.

Please re-flash your game packs/mod pack to access these new changes and read the online manuals at for more information. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future game pack updates.

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