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Mod Central is the hub for configuring your Strikepack for all your MODPACK and GAMEPACK needs.  Here you can discover and install new and exciting FPS MODPACKS and GAMEPACKS to your Strikepack.  You can replace the FPS MODPACK, add up to eight GAMEPACKS and configure mod settings with ease.

Click here to download Mod Central.


Once you have purchased a MOD PASS subscription, Mod Central will transform into its full potential, opening up the ability to explore, discover and configure new Modpacks and Gamepacks.


The first component of Mod Central is simply configuring FPS Standard, the Strikepack’s default functions that you have come to know and love.  If you have not yet purchased a subscription to Mod Pass, you can still configure FPS Standard for use by clicking on the bottom right tile, the “Built In FPS Config” tile, depicted by the three gears icon. 

You can select drop downs to turn on basic mods that work across multiple games, such as Rapid Fire and Auto Run.  NOTE:  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you MATCH your in-game button layout with a supported button layout on the Strikepack.  This is the first drop-down you will see.  If your game is NOT in the supported list, it is recommended to start with (Game Default), using the in-game default button layout.

Scroll to the bottom and you will notice four options.  Export Config allows you to save a config file to your computer.  Import Config allows you to load a saved config file.  Reset to Default allows you to restore all the settings back to what they were originally.  Save Configuration saves your configured settings to the Strikepack.  You MUST save your configuration in order to use your newly configured Strikepack in-game.


You can configure the remapping settings, controller sensitivities, and dead zones, by clicking on the top left tile, “Configure Remapping Settings and/or Paddles”, depicted by the controller icon.  To be clear, out of the available settings found here, Mod Mode/Modpacks and Gamepacks do NOT support or even recognize controller remapping of buttons, which is exclusive to Tournament Mode.

You can remap each button (Tournament Mode Only).  You can "Disable Rumble" for all games on the Strikepack end, allowing you to leave in game rumble settings set to ON.  You can access each side of the controller with Show Advanced Settings.  You can pre-set the paddle maps, adjust your deadzones (changing the amount an analog stick or trigger has to be moved before it registers) and overall sensitivity.  You can also adjust analog sticks on both the X and Y axis and you can invert controls on both axis.

With the "Mirror Advanced Settings" checkbox, you can universally mirror your Disable Rumble settings, deadzones, sensitivities, and inverted controls to Mod Mode/Modpacks and Gamepacks.  This is incredibly useful for mods that require you to leave in-game rumble settings set to ON, as you can still Disable Rumble here and with Mirror, it will override everything, except Quick Mod/Quick Control rumble indicators of course.  You can even use Mirror to have Inverted Right Stick Y Axis for all games and mods, such as the Call of Duty: WWII Weapon Optimizer (so long as you DISABLE inverted in-game for all games and do NOT use inverted mods).

NOTE:  If you have something mirrored, you will be warned every time you enter this section!  Remember, if you ever get into a mess, "Reset to Default".

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Now the fun part. Once you have purchased a Mod Pass subscription, click on the top right tile, “Open Available Modpacks”, depicted by a variety of video game icons. From here on everything can be selected and configured here, even FPS Standard - all new Modpacks and Gamepacks will appear right here!  You can have one FPS slot Modpack and up to eight GamePacks at any time.  You can always choose to place FPS Standard back into the FPS slot at any time. 

In this example, we are going to select Call of Duty WWII in the FPS (F) slot and Fortnite in the first Gamepack (1) slot. You will notice that it keeps track of the current flash usage.  To ensure the correct slot order, it is required to NOT leave empty spaces in between Gamepacks.  Once you have selected a Modpack or Gamepack, you will be able to configure it by clicking on the gears icon next to it.  We are going to configure Fortnite.  Mod Central will warn you that this will erase previous Gamepack settings. Choose Yes.

We are using the in game Combat Pro button layout, so we will want to make sure that layout is chosen here. Most Gamepacks support button layouts and sometimes even stick layouts and matching your in game settings is very important to ensure the mods function correctly.

You will also notice helpful information about each mod when hovering over each drop down menu.

We are now going to continue on with our Fortnite Gamepack to enable a mod within the Aim Assist class. You can choose the specific mod you want applied. Once you have finished selecting mods, you MUST Save Configuration.

Now the IMPORTANT and FINAL STEP is to Save Slots to Device. This will load your Modpack and Gamepacks onto the Strikepack, ready to use in game and you can reconfigure their settings in the future.  Wait for Mod Central to finish flashing and provide you with a success message and then you can unplug the Strikepack.

Congratulations, you are now ready to access your mods in game!


To select the appropriate GAMEPACK SLOT on the Strikepack, HOLD the top LEFT SELECT/PADDLE Button and navigate using EITHER PADDLE to cycle through the 8 GAMEPACK SLOTS, as represented by LEDs 1-8.  When you are in GAMEPACK MODE, the GEAR HEAD EYES will flash back and forth.

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