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Aim Assist

This is a MOD that loosely assists in tracking your target.


Stands for Aim Down Sights; this is when you hold a button to look down the barrel or sight of your weapon, whichever button on your controller achieves this (commonly the left trigger) in the game you are playing will be called Aim Down Sights throughout all of our instructions.

ADS is commonly associated with MOD names such as “ADS Aim Assist” which simply means that you need to Aim Down Sights for the Aim Assist MOD to start working.

Aim Abuse

This is a MOD that maximizes existing in-game automatic aim and tracking mechanics to provide you with the strongest and most accurate result possible; this is similar to Aim Assist but much stronger, however this is NOT to be confused with an aimbot.

Common Rules

Button Presses

Throughout our instructions either written or in video tutorials, we will mention pressing specific buttons if a specific button is needed, however in some games and circumstances button layouts can be changed and re-mapped, if this is the case we will ask you to press YOUR Button for a specific function. For example because jump can be mapped to various different buttons in a lot of games we may say “Press YOUR Jump button”, however if you are using a MOD for a game where the jump button is always X and can't be changed we will tell you to press the X button. (If your controls are Flipped, this will not matter, still follow the instructions given).

How MODS Work

Macro on Demand or MODS as they are commonly referred, take advantage of existing in-game mechanics; simply put - mods digitally press buttons in order to achieve results that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to do by hand, quickly activating multiple button combinations through your one press of a button or paddle. MODS are designed for specific functions and circumstances; when used improperly you may encounter varying results.

Quick MODS

These are MODS that you will NOT find in MOD Central, they are NOT saved and they are quick helpful MODS that you can toggle ON and OFF with your controller. (These MODS are most commonly found in FPS Mod Mode, Generator Packs and some larger Game Packs).

Quick Controls

Quick Controls allow you to suspend or resume MODS that you have enabled in Mod Central (for example if you get into a vehicle with rapid fire active, you should suspend rapid fire while driving because the fire button is also used for accelerating). Quick controls are not saved settings.


Shortcuts allow you to enable or disable MODS directly without returning to MOD Central. When you use this MOD it is a saved setting, which means when you turn off your Strike Pack and go back, it will still be active, or when using MOD Central you will see it is enabled.

Saved Setting

Saved settings are settings that stay active regardless of your console being off or your Strike Pack being disconnected and they will always be active until you disable them. In MOD Central you will see that they are enabled until otherwise changed. Any setting available in MOD central is a saved setting (Shortcuts are examples of saved settings).

Temporary Settings

Settings that exist temporarily while you are in your current session of play, that are not saved on your Strike Pack device and do not appear in MOD Central. (Examples for temporary settings would be Quick MODs and Quick Controls).

Rapid Fire

This is a MOD that maximizes the fire rate of SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapons for a near fully automatic experience.

This MOD only works with semi-automatic weapons which are classed as weapons that fire a single bullet or short burst of fire within one hold of the fire button, such as most pistols and shotguns. DO NOT use Rapid Fire with fully automatic weapons unless you have activated the semi-automatic fire mode settings in-game for that weapon. If you use Rapid Fire in fully automatic mode you will encounter a slower fire rate which is NOT the desired effect.


Recoil is when your weapon moves on its own while firing. Anti-Recoil reduces this erratic movement making your shots more accurate and more likely to hit your target. For example without Anti-Recoil your weapon may pull up when you fire and with Anti-Recoil your weapon will stay on target and fire straight.

Each weapon in each game has a unique recoil pattern and when adjusted correctly Anti-Recoil simply combats the vertical aspect of this. When the game causes the weapon to pull up, Anti-Recoil will pull the weapon down enough to level out your shot. Some Game Packs contain more advanced Anti-Recoil techniques if the game supports it, such as both vertical and horizontal Anti-Recoil or per weapon optimized Anti-Recoil as part of Weapon AI or Weapon Profiles.

Paddle Maps

Paddle maps allow you to assign a button on your controller to a paddle, pressing this paddle will then activate the button you have chosen as if you have pressed that button directly. For example if you map the jump button to your Left Paddle, when you press the Left Paddle you will jump.

Paddle MODS

Paddle MODS are MODS that you have assigned to your paddle using the MOD Central software e.g. you could assign Rapid Fire to your Right Paddle and during gameplay if you hold the Right Paddle Rapid Fire will be active.

Turbo Paddle

This is a MOD assigned to your paddle that activates your chosen mapped button and rapidly presses it digitally until you release the paddle. (It can only work with a single button mapped to the paddle).

Steady Fire

This is a MOD that reduces the fire rate of your weapon to significantly improve accuracy at range. This MOD is best used with assault rifles (e.g. fully automatic weapons that deal strong damage with each bullet).

Burst Fire

This is a MOD that fires weapons in staggered bursts to improve accuracy and conserve ammunition. This MOD is best used with submachine guns (e.g. fast firing weapons that deal damage across several bullets). Burst Fire is compatible with both semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons, whereas Auto Burst Fire is only compatible with fully automatic weapons but does slightly more damage.

Aim Assist +

This MOD is an improved version of Aim Assist for selected games that are able to make use of this feature, however unlike regular Aim Assist this MOD will actively interfere with scoped weapons such as sniper rifles.

Quick Scope

This is a MOD that allows you to quickly scope in a sniper rifle and fire a shot just like the pros. Sometimes this MOD can work great with shotguns too.

Weapon AI

This is an overarching MOD that is only possible in games that can support it. It is one of our largest MODS requiring thousands of hours of work to implement. When the instructions are followed correctly each time, this MOD will detect your current weapon and apply the optimal settings specific to that weapon. You can even save the detected result to a Weapon Profile for quick selection later. This MOD works in conjunction with other enabled MODS, detecting and applying settings such as Weapon Fire MODS, per weapon optimized Anti-Recoil and Fast Reload if available.

Weapon Profiles

Weapon Profiles allow you to store settings for each weapon and quickly switch between them with simple button combinations. These can apply per weapon optimized settings the same way Weapon AI can but they can only be setup in the MOD Central software or via Weapon AI (if available) which can be used to save over Weapon Profiles on the fly.

Advanced Profile System

Some Game Packs contain the Advanced Profile System, originally found in the Advanced Shooter Game Pack. This profile system ties all MODS together into easily selectable profiles and allows you to switch between entire sets of MODS with a simple button combination. For example, you may want a Rapid Fire, Aim Assist and Rapid Crouch profile for your pistol and an Quick Scope, Auto Hold Breath and Crouch Aim profile for your sniper rifle.


Stands for decoy or dodge move. Deke MODS usually make complex moves easy to perform. Typically accociated with NHL Hockey but it has been accociated with other sports Game Packs such as FIFA (typically known as Skill Moves in the actual game).