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Upgrading Your Original Strike Pack to Firmware 2.0

Original Strike Pack owners are now able to subscribe to the Mod Pass service by upgrading their Strike Packs to Firmware Version 2.0.1.

*****Please note upgrading to 2.0.1 will make your Strike Pack incompatible with the StrikeMAX software******

This is not a mandatory update and will not show as the default Firmware when updating your Strike Pack.

To Update your original Strike Pack (Model CM00030) to Firmware 2.0.1, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the update tool

  2. Click on the blue slider titled "Use the latest version available"

  3. Click on the drop down menu and select 2.0.1

  4. Click continue. The update tool will display a message confirming your selection.

  5. Click 'Begin Update'.

Once the update is complete, you may close the update tool and subscribe to Mod Pass using your newly updated Strike Pack.

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