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Hey there ModPass Subscribers!

The following includes a list of all Game Pack updates:

Call of Duty MW (2019) Optimized - v1.7.0 &

Call of Duty Warzone - v1.5.0

  • Akimbo Support has been added for all Handguns.

  • Added an option for Auto Hold Breath Disabled.

  • Slide Cancel now supports setting your in-game slide setting to TAP. Make sure your rumbles are enabled.

  • You can not perform executions when using Turbo Melee.

  • Fixed Aim Assist blocked while Auto Hold Breath active.


Apex Legends - v1.22.0

  • Turbo Charger Weapon Profiles added for the Devotion and Havoc.

  • Fixed “Inverted Anti-Recoil” Mode.

  • Adjusted Rapid Crouch rate.


Advanced Action - v1.1.0

  • With this update you MUST reset your Gamepack Configuration, or do a Factory Reset to make sure that the previous Action Repeat/Loop recordings aren’t there.

  • Analog Stick Movement can now be recorded using Action Repeat.

  • There are 3 modes to choose from for using the Analog sticks while recording your Actions. 1: Sticks Blocked, 2: Sticks Allowed, 3: Sticks Recorded. You won’t find these in Mod Central as it is a Quick MOD. Check out the Online Manual for more details.

  • Fixed rumbles blocked when exiting Action Loop - Toggle


Fortnite Pro - v1.2.3

  • A new Dual Fire Mode is available to outright disable Dual Fire while switched to Dual Fire or Combo Fire.


Rogue Company - v1.0.1

  • Weapon Swap is now the Default Profile Switch Mode.

  • The XB1 Dominator and Eliminator will now represent which weapon is currently in use on the LED banks (Dim lights).

  • Fixed Aim Assist overriding Anti-Recoil.

Please re-flash your game packs/mod pack to access these new changes and read the online manuals at for more information. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future game pack updates.



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