NBA 2K20 v1.0.1 2019.09.20.

The NBA 2K20 Gamepack is a sports pack that gives you the competitive edge you need to score three’s at will.  With the ability to magically record and utilize 4 separate MAGIC SHOT timings, you will dominate the court.

WARNING:  VIBRATION ON REQUIRED in-game, as well as in your console's menu settings.

  • If vibration or rumble from games is undesired, load up Mod Central, click on the top left Remapper section, then ensure BOTH Disable Rumble and Mirror Advanced Settings are CHECKED, then SAVE.

MASTER QUICK CONTROL suspends the entire pack.

  • HOLD TOUCHPAD / VIEW & CROSS / A together for 1 second to SUSPEND / RESUME the entire pack (Suspended: Heavy Rumble / Resumed: Light Rumble).


Select the Gamepack Slot:  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT / PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.

  • The GEAR HEAD EYES will be FLASHING back and forth.

    • Your device will ONLY display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


When Class 1 is ON, LEFT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

When Class 2 is ON, RIGHT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

NOTE:  Magic Shot requires you to have vibration activated in your Controller Settings.

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