NHL 19 v1.0.3 2019.05.23.

The NHL 19 GamePack is a sports pack that gives you the competitive edge for picking shots and outmaneuvering opponents.  Using our new Advanced Control Mode, you will have easy access to many different features that will drastically improve gameplay.  The Shot Picker allows you to quickly make accurate Wrist Shots, and easily line up for a One-Timer and Slapshot.  The Deke System gives you access to many complicated Dekes and Tricks that you can now use with ease.  The VC Generator will generate in-game virtual currency for HUT while you are away from your console.



CONTROLLER SETTINGS > VIBRATION MUST BE SET TO ON FOR THE VC GENERATOR (YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE RUMBLE WHILE IT IS ACTIVE).  DO NOT DISABLE RUMBLE IN YOUR GAME CONSOLE'S INTERFACE EITHER!  If you NEVER use rumble, use Mod Central's top left tile, “Configure Remapping Settings and/or Paddles" to "Disable Rumble" and "Mirror Advanced Settings".  This way rumble will be universally disabled in all games WITHOUT affecting mods that require it.


Select the appropriate GAMEPACK MODE SLOT.  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT/PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.  You will know that you are in GAMEPACK MODE as identified by the GEAR HEAD EYES FLASHING back and forth.  Your device will display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


When Auto Hustle is ON, you will never have to click in the analog stick and will instead automatically hustle upon movement.


When Class 2 is ON, LEFT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.

When Class 3 is ON, RIGHT PADDLE will activate your chosen Paddle Mod.


Generates Virtual Currency for you while away from your console.  This VC generator will continue to run until you turn it OFF, there is no longer an internet or server connection, the game has an update, or you run out of Player Contracts.

Make sure that your players have a lot of games contracted or you will not be able to run the Generator for many games.  You can Bid on new players or get more Contracts and use them on your players to continue using them. If you run out of playable characters you will end up in the Player Search screen and the generator will automatically turn itself off.

NOTE:  You MUST have your Controller Settings > Vibration set to On.


MASTER QUICK CONTROL allows you to HOLD the TOUCHPAD/VIEW Button & TAP the CROSS/A Button at the same time to SUSPEND/RESUME ALL MODS in a hurry, so that mods can never interfere with the navigation of the in game menu, or otherwise.