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Mod Central Feature Update #5

We have made significant improvements and tweaks to the Fortnite Game Pack:

  • Added Aim Abuse Customization options, which will help you use Aim Abuse exactly the way you want. The following options are available.

  • Aim Assist Strength - Change this setting if you find that your screen is shaking too much. However, changing this setting will weaken the effectiveness of Aim Abuse.

  • Camera Cancel - If this is on, which is recommended, whenever you move the camera Aim Abuse will stop activating which allows for more precise camera adjustments when moving between targets.

  • Press Sensitive - If this option is on, which is recommended, then if you only slightly hold in the Left trigger you will still be able to aim normally, which is essential for scoped weapons.

  • Build Assist has two great new features which give you a building advantage for complex structures. (This is only available for the Builder Pro Button Layout)

  • Infinite Fort Builder - Holding in the build assist paddle mod and holding square / X button will build you a fort into the sky. This is only limited by resources.

  • Rapid Ramp Fortified - Holding in the build assist paddle mod and tapping triangle / Y button will very quickly build a fortified ramp structure. This allows players to time running to the edge of each subsequent ramp and tapping triangle / Y button to build yet another fully fortified ramp just like the pros.

  • Added a 180 spin Paddle Mod.

  • Added Spring Loaded Rapid Fire Paddle Mod.

  • Added an Idle XP Generator to unlock Battle Pass or Free Pass tiers while you are away from the game.

Please re-flash your Game Packs/Mod Pack to access these new changes. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future Game Pack updates.

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