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Mod Central Feature Update #7

We have made significant improvements and tweaks to the Fortnite Game Pack:

  • Improved Rapid Ramp Fortified (part of the Build Assist Pro Paddle Mod) to automatically continue building the Fortified Ramp while sprinting and holding the Rapid Ramp Fortified button for the fastest building possible.

  • Added the Pump Rapid Fire Paddle Mod. This mod will utilize the time that it takes to reload your pump shotgun and fill it by rapid firing the weapon directly to your right, then swap back to your pump to deal a large amount of damage.

  • Added the Double Sub Paddle Mod. This mod will swap between your two Submachine Guns that are next to each other, burst firing each weapon for improved accuracy and maximum damage at longer ranges.

  • Adjusted timings for Double Pump and Double Tac to work with the 5.0 update, including the reload timer added to the shotguns.

  • Double Hand Cannon’s mode (the third mode of the Double Pump Paddle Mod) now supports the following weapon combinations for improved rates of fire:

  • Dual Hand Cannon

  • Dual Burst Rifle

  • Shotgun + Hand Cannon

  • Shotgun + Burst Rifle

  • Added more room to adjust the Double Pump/Pump Rapid Fire lag/ping compensation using the Pump Switch Speed Slider.

  • Improved the XP Generator to better account for server related issues.

  • The XP Generator now supports inverted camera controls.

Please re-flash your game packs/mod pack to access these new changes. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future gamepack updates.

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