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Fortnite Generator v1.1.0 2019.08.21.


The Fortnite Generator Gamepack contains the Daily Routine and XP Generator.

  • The Daily Routine does a quick routine of collecting your daily rewards that you get from owning Save the World and then puts you back into Battle Royale so that you can take a break without watching loading screens.

  • The XP Generator, designed for Team Rumble or most Limited Time Events, performs various actions so that it can keep entering and staying in games for as long as possible, which assists in leveling up for those extra battle stars.

WARNING:  The use of in-game generators may be a violation of a given publishers terms of use agreement.  PLEASE USE THEM RESPONSIBLY.  The use of such generators is at the sole risk of the subscriber.  While these bans are rare, Mod Pass accepts no responsibility for account bans, suspensions or deactivations associated with such violations.

If you are looking for the Fortnite Optimized manual, click on the Instructions tab above or here.

If you are looking for the original Fortnite manual, click here.


Select the Gamepack Slot:  HOLD the top LEFT SELECT / PADDLE Button to navigate using EITHER PADDLE to CYCLE through the 8 GAMEPACK MODE SLOTS, represented by LEDs 1-8.

  • The GEAR HEAD EYES will be FLASHING back and forth.

    • Your device will ONLY display the current GAMEPACK SLOT LED.


WARNING:  VIBRATION ON REQUIRED in-game, as well as in your console's menu settings.  Fortnite has it turned off in-game with its default settings so go in and fix this to ON.

  • If vibration or rumble from games is undesired, load up Mod Central, click on the top left Remapper section, then ensure BOTH Disable Rumble and Mirror Advanced Settings are CHECKED, then SAVE.


To configure this pack correctly so that mods are placed on the correct buttons, MATCH the required settings in Mod Central, marked MATCH IN-GAME, to your current in-game settings.


This mod logs you into Save the World to collect your daily rewards then afterwards, it returns you to the Battle Royale Lobby and then simply shuts itself off.  Go and do your daily routine in real life instead of waiting for loading screens.

  • Step 1:  Be absolutely sure you have 100% followed the Gamepack Setup.

  • Step 2:  The moment you launch Fortnite from your console, WHILE PRESSING & HOLDING L3 / LS, PRESS SHARE / VIEW to activate Daily Routine (Heavy Rumble).  It will shut itself off when the task is completed.

  • Step 1:  Be absolutely sure you have 100% followed the Gamepack Setup.  Completely close and restart the game.  Do NOT select Creative at any point after restarting as this will cause the game to break the generator.

  • Step 2:  Once you are in the Battle Royale Lobby, set your Party Privacy to PRIVATE.

  • Step 3:  Set your Game Mode to Team Rumble or an appropriate Limited Time Mode (LTM).  Always set to DON'T FILL and if possible, pick a mode where you will respawn.​  If you want to invite your friends for the XP boost, ensure that their XP Generators are up to date and that they have saved slots to device.

  • Step 2 and 3 are important because together they will keep you from amassing unusually negative stats and significantly reduce your chance of bothering other players for your lack of participation.

  • Step 4:  From the Battle Royale Lobby, WHILE PRESSING & HOLDING L3 / LS, PRESS OPTIONS / MENU to start up the XP Generator (Heavy Rumble).  If you have friends with you they should start up the XP Generator at the same time.  If you try to use this activator on XB1, it will always activate the Alternate XP Generator.

  • NOTE:  You are going to see the generator do a lot of strange things.  These are all part of its process.  It will sometimes leave games early but we try to keep this to a minimum.  The generator will keep re-entering games as long as you have a stable internet connection to the server.  When you wish to shut off the generator, simply repeat Step 4 (Light Rumble).


  • Alternate Step 4:  From the Battle Royale Lobby, WHILE PRESSING & HOLDING L3 / LS, PRESS TRIANGLE / Y to start up the Alternate XP Generator (Heavy Rumble).  If you have friends with you they should start up the Alternate XP Generator at the same time.

    • The Alternate Generator is compatible NOW with both PS4 and XB1.  It will never leave games early but it is significantly less realistic as your character will NOT move around.  If it gets stuck it has no mechanisms to recover.  Only time will tell if this becomes a problem but it is something you can use with XB1 for now.

    • We are still working on a solution for the original XP Generator for XB1 that we hope release in the future.

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