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Mod Central Feature Update #14

We have made improvements to the following Game Packs: Fortnite

  • Aim Assist has been reworked and optimized to better track opponents after the 5.3 update. Aim Assist and Aim Abuse now track while you are moving the camera. It is now recommended that you slightly adjust the camera to better track your target, instead of keeping the right stick still.

  • Aim Assist has been optimized for all in-game sensitivities, and the Aim Assist Sensitivity option has been removed from Mod Central. It has been replaced with the simple option of Enabling Aim Assist in Aim Abuse or Disabling it.

  • The Aim Abuse Camera Cancel option has been removed from Mod Central.

  • While using split fire, if you TAP, RELEASE, and then HOLD either of the bumpers you will now hold the bumper normally instead of running the split fire mod. This will allow you to drift using the All Terrain Kart while the mod is active.

  • The following Split Fire Mods have been added to the Game Pack, some of these mods allow you to have quick access to rapid fire for your semi-automatic weapons while also having regular fire on your trigger (Similar to weapon swap):

  • Split Fire 1 - Crouch Aim / Rapid Fire

  • Split Fire 2 - Crouch Aim / Auto Burst Fire

  • Split Fire 3 - Crouch Aim / Spring Loaded Rapid Fire

  • Split Fire 4 - Rapid Crouch Aim / Rapid Fire

  • Split Fire 5 - Rapid Crouch Aim / Spring Loaded Rapid Fire

  • Split Fire 6 - Directional Strafe Fire

  • Split Fire 7 - Directional Lean Fire

  • The new Rapid Crouch Aim (On Fire) makes you rapidly crouch while you are aiming down sights and firing.

  • Auto Lean holds the way you are leaning while you are firing to improve accuracy while firing.

  • The grapple block implementation has been changed. The new way that Classes 3, 7, 8 and 9 are suspended while grappling is as follows. When you start grappling a wall you will feel a strong rumble, this indicates that your mods have been disabled. To re-enable the disabled mods you must double tap Cross on PS4 or A on XBOX, then you will feel a weak rumble indicating that they have been re-enabled.

  • We separated “Spring Loaded Scope” into “Spring Loaded Secondary Scope” and “Spring Loaded Power Scope”. This allows you to switch to your Power weapon or Secondary weapon and scope instead of only being able to switch to your Power weapon.

  • The default auto run reload delay has been adjusted to account for the faster reload times in the forsaken update.

  • Using the Spring Loaded Scope mods will now block Auto Run.

  • The 180 Spin Paddle Mod has been moved to Paddle Mod 11. To use this mod you will need to reselect it in Mod Central.

  • The Weapon Swap Resync has been improved to ensure that the weapon tracking syncs back to your primary weapon. To use this you will need to be in the game and you will see your character swap your weapons around.

Please re-flash your game packs/mod pack to access these new changes and read the online manuals for more information. We hope you enjoy these improvements, and stay tuned for future game pack updates.

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